About Dee Opp Yoga

Dee Opp

I am a yoga teacher specialising in trauma focused yoga. I offer very special experiences that involve what I call engaging the 'sensing powers'. I take yoga out of the studio onto water via a SUP Board, onto the earth on hikes and bikes, and into places that are hard to reach - prisons and immigration detention centres. 

My Mantra "The breath first, the body follows, let the mind go for a ride." 

My ‘breath story’ has been going now for 50 years strong. My background in competitive swimming and dance has gifted me understanding about my breath and how to incorporate all the subtle nuances in my personal yoga practice and LIFE. The breath, I believe, is our anchor to our true selves. I have also experienced lifetime trauma myself and recently lost my breath after my husband of 25 years passed 4 April 2014. I have spent copious amounts of time studying with leading world experts and re learning how to breathe and temper the profound affects of grief and loss. Our life story is mirrored in the ‘breath’ story. This wordless storyteller, the breath, is the gateway to long term health and wellness. All my classes and offerings are tailored to bring new consciousness and awareness to our life through the safe practices of the breath.