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SUP Yoga Four Week Courses

June 2019


These four week themed courses are created to allow the participant time to reflect and absorb the teachings in a meaningful way. This is intentional. The desired outcome is a heightened awareness of ourselves on and off the board. I offer three different themed courses over the summer months in June, July and August. Come test your balance and go deeper into your yoga practice on a paddleboard.



What Is Sup Yoga

Performed on stand-up paddle boards floating on the River Thames, the course is designed to challenge the mind and body! We meet at my 'Private Riverside Studio' for an introduction to our floating yoga studio, and together we walk out to our SUP boards that are waiting for you to launch. Sky above you, water below you, surrounded by nature … What could be more blissful?

What You'll learn

  • How to stand up on the board

  • Establish a solid foundation in proper paddling technique and board control

  • Understand the importance of weather conditions and how to feel safe on the water.

  • You will be challenged with the yoga practice on your paddleboard! You will get stronger and more agile from the work we will do.

times & Rates

The four-week themed courses will be offered on Monday evenings from 19:00 to 20:30

Each class will be kept small so the participant gets the most out of each session. This is the basis of understanding SUP Yoga and is a great course to take to develop and strengthen your core and mind. Cost of full four week course is £125. 

Monday Evening Dates: June 3, 10, 17, and 24


Some benefits of SUP Yoga

  • Get out of your head and into your body

  • Control the breath to maintain your body’s balance

  • Learn to pace yourself; your movements and your breath

  • Become resilient with an element of play

  • Challenge yourself in a new way

  • Teaching our minds to focus through new movement and breath

  • Practice yoga in a new heightened state of awareness

Course Outline- JUne Theme

'Journey to inner strength'

WEEK 1: Conscious Breath and Understanding the 'Bandhas' our inherent energy locks

WEEK 2: Body Awareness Techniques

WEEK 3: Distributing Weight and Alignment Techniques

WEEK 4:  Final Composition - Flow on the Board

Course price: £125


The four-week themed courses will be offered on Monday evenings from 19:00 to 20:30.  Each class will be kept small so the participant gets the most out of each session.  



I reserve the right to cancel the Standup Paddle Board session and revert to an indoor yoga session if the weather is unsafe for paddling on the River Thames. The most threatening type of weather is severe wind. 



Includes board rental, paddleboard instruction and SUP Yoga Instruction. 


+ What can i expect?

You can expect to be fully guided and supported by a certified qualified teacher of SUP and Yoga. You will be able to go at your own pace. Other than that, I encourage you to release all other expectations or anticipations and simply show up to enjoy yourself and this beautiful experience!

+ Is it cold? What do I wear?

It can be colder out on the water. I recommend wearing layers that way you can take something off if you get warm from the activity. The wind can be the most relevant factor but I will lead you through all these wonderful nuances (not obstacles) I wear what I feel comfortable doing yoga in. I wear a light jacket that can be put on or off depending upon the elements. If it is chilly I wear a comfortable wool hat to cover my ears. You can get wet just from paddling. So don’t wear anything you do not mind getting wet.

+ Is it difficult for beginners?

I love teaching beginners! It is such a pleasure to introduce someone to Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) with or without the yoga. You can be a beginner for both SUP and Yoga. I am able to modify and go at your pace. This is my passion to introduce people to this great way of interacting with nature. I offer private lessons to those who might like a bit more attention as well as group courses you can sign up for. Each options allows you the opportunity to explore paddle technique and yoga on the board.

+ Where is it located?

All instruction is done from my private home studio on the River Thames in Sunbury on Thames, Surrey.

+ Will I fall in?

The chances are you will not fall in. But if you do you will need to be able to lift yourself back onto the board. I am able to assist as well. Make sure to bring a set of dry extra clothing to change into after the session. Also bring a towel along as well. It’s just more comfortable as we end the activity over a cuppa and biscuits.

+ What if I'm not a strong swimmer?

You need to feel comfortable in the water, being able to swim 50 meters. If you do not swim you can still participate by booking a private 1:1 session with me. I am also a master swimmer and love to get people to feel more confident on the water regardless of your current ability.

+ I have another question?

I am happy to answer your questions please email me with any additional questions!

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