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Level 2 Beginners Course

New Date Nov 2019


During these 4 weeks we expand upon and develop the concepts learnt on the Level 1 Course. We delve deeper into asana practice, building on the fundamental poses and introducing arm balance and inversions. Further dharana (concentration) techniques are applied and we explore in more detail the wisdom of some of the ancient texts. Numbers are limited to enhance the learning process and provide individual care and attention. The course is progressive, building upon concepts and poses each week. The syllabus is divided approximately half theory and half physical practice.

Pre-requisite - Level 1 Course Or equivelent experience



What Is Yoga

- T.K.V. Desikachar

We will explore ancient techniques to do this very thing through the 'state of yoga'.

What You'll learn

  • more in-depth knowledge of the eight limbed yogic path

  • increased body awareness - how to scan your body for better alignment

  • meditation and breath techniques

  • How to apply the teachings from the yoga sutras to your practice


Some benefits of Yoga

  • Get out of your head and into your body

  • Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

  • Learn to pace yourself; your movements and your breath

  • Become resilient and find comfort and ease

  • Challenge yourself in a new way

  • Get more restful sleep

times & Rates

New Dates to be Announced for March 2019:

Tuesday evening 19:30 to 20:45

Total Investment is £75

Course price: £75


The six-week courses will be offered on Tuesday evenings 20:20 to 21:30 starting 24 April to 29 May



+ What can i expect?

You can expect to be fully guided and supported by two certified qualified teachers of yoga with over 50 years of experience between them. You will be able to go at your own pace.

+ Will I be able to take part if I have not taken the Level 1 Course?

Please inquire if you have some yoga experience.

+ Is it difficult for beginners?

We love teaching beginners! It is such a pleasure to introduce someone to the practice of yoga. The practice will be challenging but doable!

+ Where is the studio located?

All instruction is done from my private home studio in Lower Sunbury, Surrey (not far from the Walton-on Thames bridge to give you a reference)

+ What should I bring?

Your desire to learn and if you like a notebook and pen.

+What are the reading requirments?

We will be recommending for you to read Light on Life by BKS Inyengar and the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.

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